Friday, March 01, 2013


Theaterplatz, Dresden

Did you ever listen to the famous "sound of ancient gold"?
This is how they call the warm and full sound which characterizes the Saxon State Orchestra and which has been saved through the centuries until today. The Staatskapelle, as it is commonly known,  is one of the world's oldest orchestras, always carried on by artists, which carefully choose their new fellow musicians exactly because of coping with this special ideal of sound.
The Staatskapelle's home is the Semperoper, situated at the Theaterplatz in the very center of Dresden. Did you once happen to watch the TV advertising of Radeberger beer? Well, the beautiful classical building is not the brewery but the opera!

Despite yesterday's cold and foggy weather  (and probably icy streets on my way back home) I decided that in no way I could miss the 6th chamber evening : the second part of the program included Le Chant de Linos by Jolivet with the striking solo flute and Béla Bartók's string quartet n°4, which in its five movements displays the whole technical frenzy a stringed instrument (together with its player) is able to.  I saw a lot of bows' hairs flying loose!

It's amazing how the big opera stage by means of a beautiful tapestry in the back is able to shrink down to an intimate place where chamber music doesn't feel lost.

Nevertheless, if you have the possibility don't miss to visit one of the great opera performances, the ballets or the symphony concerts. Here is the 2013 program.

My long term recommendation: I'm sure it will be interesting to closely watch the orchestra's development under the conducting of Christian Thielemann. Both are very happy to have found each other.
My short term recommendation: buy tickets for the 9th or 12th of June 2013. Richard Strauss' Rosenkavalier conducted by Christian Thielemann will be sublime!

Remaining tickets are sold to students for 10€ 30 minutes before the performance begins.
See also ticket sales.
For those who are especially interested in the program of the Staatskapelle, there is a free App available  on itunes.

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