Friday, March 08, 2013

Patisserie & Café Émoi

Nancy et moi, went to Cafe Émoi today. Excuse my very German Sparwitz in the introduction but a good opportunity for a non funny joke could not be missed under any circumstances.

Café Émoi, a bright and modern place, offers your tastebuds the rare experience of French handmade tarts.

White and pink, crystal chandeliers in the sitting area add Frenchness and elegance.
The long counter in the heart of the Café is loaded with little tarts, croissants and cakes. Mr. George,  patissier and owner of Émoi starts to work on his creations at 3:30 in the morning.
He was so kind to meet us and dedicate us some of his time.  He told us that he had lived the life of a globetrotter before he settled in Dresden, close to his hometown Meissen.  France, Belgium, Spain, England, Mexico - just to name some of the countries where he lived and worked in patisseries and restaurants pushing his art to perfection.

However much passion he dedicates to his work the love of his life is his beautiful wife, whom he met in Mexico.

Nancy and I tried a choice of Zupfkuchen and lemon tart, a glass of dill scented pannacotta with mango, a pear and chocolat tart and cherry hazelnut biscuit. All of them delicious!  There is also a bakery shelf with German bread and rolls.
Breakfast with coffee or tea, croissants, homemade jams, eggs and ham is available.

Visit Émoi on to find more "sweet" pictures.

Patisserie & Café Émoi
Kamenzer Str. 40
01099 Dresden
Tel. 0351 804 38 14


  1. Hi ! nice article ! I went today to the Emoi Patisserie. What a lovely place. Excuse my english. Very bad. I'am a french girl who lives in Dresden. I love this city. You can visit my blog if you want Tschüssi ;-))

    1. Merci, Julie! Ton blog es tellement informatif et très joli. So kann ich wunderbar mein eingerostetes Französisch üben..