Monday, March 18, 2013

let water be thy cure

The best way to flush out toxins is simple: lots and lots of water. I start my day off drinking water from a bottle right in the bathroom and continue throughout the day finishing at least one big jug more.

    1.    Recommended amount: at least 2 litres daily.

    2.     Have a glass of water with your cup of coffee/ expresso or black tea because caffeine  
            dehydrates the body.
    3.    Add natural flavours like lemon, mint, cucumber or lemon balm. Simply drop your
            chosen ingredients into a jug of water and chill for at least one hour.
    4.    Water is a carrier of information and has a memory.
            Information can be stored for a long period of time in the water showing certain clusters of
            the molecules. The results of Masaru Emoto's scientific research on this topic are amazing.

    5.    Add an organic mineral salt to your bath. My personal favourites are Himalayan salt and the
            Jentschura Alka Bath. A high concentration of salt in your water will pull toxins out of your
            pores and leave you with a deeply cleansed and healthy skin. After a 30 minutes' bath you will      
            feel exhausted but really good. I would compare the feeling to a rewarding workout or a stay
            in the sauna.

    6.    Cleanse your eyes with a 3% salt solution. I do it nearly every day and love the refreshing and
            relaxing effect.

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