Saturday, March 09, 2013

emotional detox is like a refreshing vacation

We all know that emotions like anger, grief and fear, just to mention the most common ones on the negative side, have an impact on our minds and bodies. Take a quiet moment and try out the remedies below. They work!

Lake Windermere, England

  1. Practice  Yin Yoga
          It is a practice of surrender, of acceptance, of non-doing. 
          Just sit, bring your feet together, elongate the spine and come slowly into a forward bend. Low 
          down your body, let your head drop and close your eyes.                           
          Don't want to get somewhere, don't pull on yourself. Just breathe, relax and feel a deep release.
          It's ok right here and right now.

    2.   Breathe

          Sit quiet and slow your breathing rhythm down, inhale I am love, exhale I love. Very simple,  
          though very powerful. Be aware that the words I am bear the highest amount of creative
          energy, in both senses, positive and negative.

    3.   Meditate on  Love - Truth - Beauty - Trust - Harmony - Peace - Humility.
          These words and the visions they evoke will instantly rise your vibrations.

    4.    Imagine three silver and golden sparkling 8s  in your head (as in the picture below) and follow        
           them smoothly and steadily in your imagination. Not all at once, but one after the other.
           It's ok, that your eyes follow the movement.
           This exercise harmonizes your brain hemispheres and activates the glands in your head.


    5.    Take a long walk in the sunshine.

    6.    Arrange fresh flowers all over  your home.

    7.   Do something you love so much that you forget time and space doing it.

    8.   Surround yourself with people you can lough with and who make you feel energized.


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