Sunday, March 02, 2014

taste and texture: the March challenge

Talking about photography lately, Nancy and I thought that it was high time for a new challenge. Something really interesting. And fun. A project. Actually something like the menu series inspired by Sophie Calle's Chromatic Diet  I shot in March 2012.       .......

Why not repeat the chromatic diet together?! It didn't even take a minute to get both of us enthusiastic about the idea.

Only, this time we fancied to play it as a game. And we'd love it, if you joined in, dear readers, bloggers and instagramers from all over the world. Each one of us would choose their own  ingredients, would prepare the menus in their own kitchen, shoot the pictures and share them afterwards.
Come on, it's so much fun and creativity !

Here's how to play 

1. Prepare each week two menus starting with pink (because I totally struggled with the pink during my last monochromatic experience)
     - week 1: pink and red
     - week 2: orange and yellow
     - week 3: green and brown
     - week 4: black and white
2. Publish two pictures ( a third picture "my favourite" is optional)
Picture 1 introduces the colour (totally open, let your creativity run wild, don't feel restricted at all)
Picture 2 is the monochromatic menu ( now feel restricted, but soooo puristic and sophisticated)
     - the menu consists in a main course, a dessert and a beverage
     - shoot on white
     - use white tableware
     - no cutlery or napkins
     - no props
     - use a glass for the beverage
3.  from a culinary point of view your menu should be edible enjoyable
4.  though: extravaganzas are always welcome!
5.  You may skip a colour or join in only for the colour you like
6.  Hashtag your pictures #monochromaticmenu and share them on tumblr or instagram, share them in your blog and link back to us, or send us an email.

Can't wait to start!
xoxo  B. and N.

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