Monday, October 24, 2011


  •  have a soft furry coat
  • change the colour when cooked from yellow to dark orange
  • once were sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love
  • the Fruit of Paradise in the Garden of Hesperides
  • are intensely fragrant; place one in your room or your wardrobe and it will be filled with an exquisite fresh perfume
  • cannot be eaten raw
  • to handle them you need patience and a good knife
  • make a wonderful jelly because  they contain plenty of natural pectin
  • poached quinces with ice cream are pure delight
  • and don't forget the Spanish"dulce de membrillo" which combines perfectly with Manchego cheese
  • have no artificial substitute


  1. Your Blog is amazing inspirational, what a wonderful idea to share this beautiful moments with us!!
    Thanks you and sunny regards from Munich ;-)M

  2. Que lindos, aca es el dulce mas popular.Já en brasil es el de guayaba . Los membrillos , como bien lo decis, son muy versatiles.