Sunday, October 30, 2011

October is a paintbox

.... assorted with soft greens and blues, a broad range of earthy colours and the brightest reds and yellows ever.
I have a juneberry in my garden, so sparkling red, that even on cloudy days it appears to be illuminated!

My juneberry in the evening sun

There's no season in the year which makes me call out so often " I want my camera. Now! How the hell could I leave it at home?" This usually happens  when I'm driving the car to just run some quick errands.  It's bedevilled: exactly in those moments the most unexpected, unique, awesome, irretrievable frames turn up in front of me. 

The pictures below I took the conventional way: riding my bicycle, ready-to-shoot-camera hanging around the neck, photographer's eye ON. I hope you'll like them anyhow! 

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  1. Los colores del otoño y de la primavera son los mas lindos. Que hermosas fotos y paleta de colores. Gracias por compartir tan lindos paisajes