Monday, March 12, 2012

green lunch/green smoothie

 If you still haven't got a 1000 watt blender, buy one. It has been one of my best purchases last year.

The whole smoothie mania has been initiated by my friend Nancy who didn't stop praising the benefits of shredded greens and fruits emerging constantly from her newly bought vitamix - until eventually we all got infected more or less by the smoothie virus. According to her theory at least one of the components has to be a fresh green vegetable (or herb) to turn the smoothie into a true source of energy.
I love the smoothies' fresh taste and the endless variety of combinations. Try it with strawberries and portulaca....yummy!

Today's green smoothie
1 apple
1/4 small pineapple
1/2 banana
1/2 green bell pepper
1 glass of water

Today's green lunch: green bell pepper, Chinese cabbage and sweetheart cabbage with tuna
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
a piece of Chinese cabbage, chopped
a piece of sweetheart cabbage, chopped
a bit of grated ginger and garlic to taste
olive oil
some pieces of canned tuna

Heat the olive oil in a pan, add the vegetables, garlic and ginger and stir fry until all ingredients are tender. Add the pieces of tuna and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Essen ist fertig!

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