Tuesday, January 10, 2012

kitchen turnaround

Hi, my dear readers! First I must apologize for having been such a lazy blogger lately. Things are taking up speed, the turnaround of rooms is going to start on Thursday. Yes, this Thursday! As I mentioned it in an earlier post I've decided to move my kitchen from the north/eastern side of the house to the former music room in the south. A wall has to be removed to give additional space to the new kitchen, the floors have to be replaced, the former kitchen will become library, two new windows  (towards south) will be quarried out...   and  I stop here because you already can imagine  how excited I am right now.
I hope the coordination of the different craftsmen will work out well (the most important thing in my opinion) and there won't be too much dirt. Meanwhile I'll try to keep you on the loop by the one or the other shot from my camera. Wish me much luck and good nerves!

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