Tuesday, July 02, 2013

GreekYoghurt with Chia Seeds, Honey and Roasted Nuts

Inspired by smittenkitchen's yoghurt panna cotta with honey and walnuts I created a simple version of this delicious summer dessert using chia seeds. The chia seeds are a great substitute for gelatine, furthermore they add texture and a cute polka dot effect.

Here is my simplified recipe:

500g Greek yoghurt
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 tablespoons chia seeds

Mix and chill in the fridge for about 1 hour.

In the meantime roast the nuts you like: walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds.

Cover the  thickened yoghurt with a layer of honey (I prefer chestnut or lavender honey)...

 .... and top with the roasted nuts. Enjoy!

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