Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cultural Heritage: Marcolini House and Garden

Until a few years ago Marcolini House was the home of several families. Romantic and spacious, but lacking all comfort of modern life and in a state of progressing decay. Each single room had to be heated by small stoves. Against all odds (and colds) my friend Katja lived there with her family. She painted in oil and just loved the spell of the place in pure nature and in such close neighbourhood to the Pheasant Castle.

Today the new owner, Mr. Stelzer, is renovating the three-sided house with passion and an eye for details. Despite the fact that renovation is still in progress, Mr. Stelzer opened the Marcolini House to the public. In the meantime it has  become a lovely place for weddings and family celebrations, dinners after hunting, coffee parties and wintery gatherings around the fireplace.
Currently one of the halls is being restored to its original baroque elegance and shall be used for chamber music concerts. And hopefully, in 2016 the 120qm Marcolini Suite will be finished, redecorated and ready for the guests.

The atmosphere at Marcolini House is welcoming and laid back. If you are in the area of the Pheasant Castle (Fasanenschlösschen), the Game Reserve (Wildgehege) and Großteich don't forget to stop by and have a cup of coffee,  a piece of cake or a bowl of soup. You can sit in the yard or inside the historical rooms. The everyday selection of food includes: soups, stews, homemade cakes and tarts, coffee, tea and other beverages.

The surroundings of Marcolini House are breathtakingly beautiful and are a popular weekend  destination for locals and tourists alike. Therefore I recommend you visit during the week.
The Marcolini House is right beside the cute pink Pheasant Castle, and just a 20 minutes walk away from the Moritzburg Castle. You could also rent a bike and explore the beautiful lake area and the forest.

Marcolini House is open everyday from 11:00h to 18:00h throughout the whole year (with the exception of hail, snowstorm or tornado). Barbecues on the weekend.

photo by Rosa

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