Friday, August 12, 2011

How to build a fire and how to grill trouts on that fire

Here's a quick lesson in building a teepee-style campfire as my children taught me. It's very simple, but there are some things you should know.

Step 1: crumple newspaper. My usual mistake is to use a lot and make a very tight ball as you see in the picture below. My children say: no, no, no! In order to light on fire it needs oxygen, so better use small pieces and crumple them very lightly with a lot of air.

Step 2: Pile on dried twigs. For a very successful firelighting experience you can also place some more newspaper pieces in between the twigs. This will save you from the awful moment when you realize your fire setup is so perfect that you can't reach to light the newspaper in the center.

Step 3: Build a teepee structure with your firewood.

Step 4:  Light the fire - and start preparing the trouts, the corn, the potatoes, the beer.....

May I introduce my fire trouts:

Take fresh trouts, fill them with sprigs of parsil, basil, tarragon and any other fresh herbs, salt them from inside and outside and put them on a grill rack.

We also wrapped some vegetables in aluminium foil and placed them in the ember. I cooked them before, because we were really hungry and the trouts only need about five minutes on each side.
If there are still some parts a bit raw I recommend you wrap them in aluminium foil and place them on the rack for some longer.

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  1. I love the label on the bottle. Looks like a great meal!