Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to get the perfect waistline

Do you remember my post about spring detox in February? If you took my advice to heart I'm sure you already possess a goddess body. If not, hum... it's never late to start with the miracle "health hooping". At least most of my friends are infected by the hoop virus yet..

Phase 1: the hoop falls down - you are lucky if you arrive counting to ten - exhausted
Phase 2: the hoop doesn't fall down anymore, but it HURTS -  you might get bruises
Phase 3: put on a sweater or your bathrobe  - continue - don't stop! - only a few rounds every day
Phase 4: it isn't exhausting anymore - doesn't hurt anymore - no bruises - you count to 100, to 200..
Phase 5: it's so easy - becomes boring - you listen to your favourite songs meanwhile : 1 song, 2, 3.....
Phase 6: supereasy - you watch David Attenborough "Wild Life" videos while hooping
Phase 7: David Attenborough's videos all done, you start learning to swing the hoop the other way round
Phase 8: you combine hooping with the yoga mountain pose

Once in phase 8 I recommend a dose of 5 minutes in the morning, 5 in the evening to keep up the good shape, That's it!

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