Thursday, July 14, 2011

everyday freshness

The variety of florentine salads has been the beginning of a long journey of discoveries. Welcome to my guide for salads that never makes you feel like they are just a side dish.

Assemble a variety of lettuce, arugula or baby spinach on a plate
  • add  dried San Marzano tomatos, grated parmiggiano, roasted chicken, fresh and ripe tomatoes, fennel and artichokes cut in slices, Mozzarella di Bufala, chopped pine nuts and pistachios, little balls of fresh goat cheese, thinly sliced turkey....
  • sprinkle with nothing else than an excellent olive oil, balsamico, salt and pepper
  • dip chunks of white bread into the remaining bits of salad sauce
Choose high quality products - it will make a huge difference since all your ingredients are raw!

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