Thursday, June 02, 2011

Let's walk from Moritzburg's Schlosskapelle to Fasanenschlösschen

Moritzburg Castle and the little pink Pheasants Castle are built in a line of sight during the time of August the Strong (beginning 18th century) and it takes about an hours walk to get from one place to the other.
 On occasion of his birthday one of my friends invited us to walk with him this path along forests and waterways surprising us at start and end with interesting lectures about God, church and religion.  It was a remarkable birthday afternoon (and, of course, the ouverture of a big party at night!).

Please stay, if you want, and follow the pictures!

the line of sight

looking up to the ceiling fresco in the chapel of MoritzburgCastle

The sky looked menacing when we left the chapel. Actually we had a thunderstorm warning that afternoon. 
still inside the castle grounds

out in the forest 

along waterways covered with tiny white waterlilies and the Venus fountain already close to the Pheasants Castle

The Pheasants Castle with the pheasant's cage in front.

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