Sunday, May 15, 2011

on painting

In the end it's all about pigments. Their origin , their amount, their very special character...  As for wall painting I'm addicted to the colours of Farrow&Ball. They are so subtle, so elegant.... Yes, I know, I know: it's a personal and an emotional thing.

However I'm happy that we now have a stockist in Dresden. Time to think about a makeover for my guest room, west-oriented, with a big red-leaved tree in front. So  I imagine a very soft and bright pink for it.

This, for example, is the colour Rectory Red in my hallway.

Talking about colours, we have got a new attraction at Pirnaischer Platz in Dresden:  two traffic islands painted in ocean blue! The colour has been chosen to remind past times when this place has been a lake area.
It's impressing how these blue traffic islands inspire people's fantasy. In the biggest rush hour there has been a man relaxing on a sunbed, yesterday  a flashmob had brought plastic ducklings.

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