Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hi, it's me again. I'm back

I have been down with an awful stomach virus, don't make me tell more about it. I was definitely not in the mood neither to eat (urgh!) nor to think about about food nor even to take photographs. It must have been the noro, I  guess...
Thank you for telling me so many of you that you especially love my food and cocktail posts, both the pictures and the recipes. So today  let's  celebrate the mild and summery temperatures with a mild and summery Dragonfruit Shake! In a moment I will be out in my garden planting little crocuses and snowflakes...


1/2 l milk
1 ripe banana
6 slices of dried dragonfruit (2 for decoration)
You may add a spoonful of sugar if you like more sweetness.

Blend all ingredients until sweet and creamy. The dragonfruit gives a subtle aromatic flavour and is strongly colouring.

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