Saturday, March 19, 2011

on the bookshelf in my kitchen

On the tiny bookshelf in my kitchen you see the source of inspiration for my daily cooking. ( I DON'T MEAN THE BOTTLES.)
Some of the books will be substituted by promising newcomers after a while and move to the living room shelf. (Which doesn't mean that they won't have a comeback some day!) Others like Marcella Hazan's DIE KLASSISCHE ITALIENISCHE KÜCHE (Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking) or Michel Roux's SAUCEN have already reached the status of alltime favourites.
Not to forget all my handwritten family-and-friends recipes: they are collected in the big folder on the left.

Ah, and I love reading cookbooks in my bed before sleeping.  A small number of them is always dispersed along my bedside. If you should share this habit (and I know that some of you do...) I strongly recommend Molly Wizenberg's A HOMEMADE LIFE. I read it lately and it's amazing! She tells about her childhood and adolescence in Oklahoma, her falling in love with a NewYork boy (also enthusiastic homecook) and her wedding. On the way she shares a lot of wonderful recipes. The book ends with the recipe of a chocolate cake she baked for her own wedding -which happened to be our traditional chocolate birthday cake. Small world when it's about  delicious chocolate cakes!

The two books in the picture above have become my most consulted ones for quite a while. Both are about crossover cuisine, very sophisticated but simple at the same time. Their secret lies mostly in the unexpected combination of ingredients. Be curious for the results out of my test kitchen..

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