Saturday, April 19, 2014

rhubarb, three in one

Being the first rhubarb of the season so exquisitely young and tender I simply

  • wash the stems
  • cut them into pieces
  • put them into a baking dish
  • sprinkle with enough sugar to generate some syrup
  • add slices of lemon, orange or kumquats
  • and bake for about half an hour
to obtain a whole variety of rhubarby possibilities.

The exact "how to" you find here (by David Tanis) and here (by Rose Carrarini).

1) I enjoy the rhubarb right from the oven: hot or cooled down with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

2) I use the solid parts to let them sink into a batter for a delicious fruit cake

3) I purée the syrup and slices of lemon together with beetroot, apple and ginger for a sweet and bright magenta smoothie.

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