Saturday, January 25, 2014

the wolves come closer

This meadow called Sieben Eichen (Seven Oaks) is the location where the most recent wolf sighting ocurred.
For those who do not live in our area, here is the background story:

The story started with a pack of wolves spotted in the region of Ober-Lausitz, praised and welcomed back as representatives of a nearly extinguished species. Hallo, Grüß Gott, dear wolves, so nice to have you with us again. Since then we are kept up to date by wolf talks and wolf reports in the newspapers. There are wolf experts and wolf associations defending the newly arrived wolf population.

Lately there were some unsettling incidents: horses running on a main road  killed by a car (terrified by wolves ???) , a dog bitten to death by ??? .

At this point we got more information about the usual life of a wolf. His habitat is not restricted to a small area, in fact he's able to run with his pack about 100km a night. When the winter is mild like this year all of the baby wolves survive, the population increases. Wolves are predators, and hunting is their full time occupation.
Their favourite prey are the deer in the forest. If they don't find enough deer anymore, sheep, horses and cattle will do.

live report from SiebenEichen by B. Spittler


  1. I took the bus from Berlin to Dresden recently and I noticed that a lot of fields have those little huts. Do you know what they are? I asked my German friend but they didn't' know :/

    1. Hi Izzie, I'm sorry for answering so late. Thank you for your comment. The little huts are shelters for hunters, while they wait for the deer/boars to show up. Love, Bärbel