Friday, October 05, 2012

harvest in Grandma's garden

This year we missed the joy of the fig harvest, but came still in time for  the quinces, the grapes and the medlars. Grandma was happy because we started immediately with the canning. Only the medlars will have to rest for a good lapse of time  in the warm kitchen.

I must share the recipe for the grape jam with you, because it came out so delicious!
Very easy:
1kg very small grapes (I didn't remove the seeds)
1 glass of white wine
a dash of vanilla essence
1 slice of lemon
500g sugar
1 sachet apple pectin
To prepare just follow the instructions on the sachet of apple pectin. I suggest you mix the ingredients and let them rest for a few hours before cooking. The taste will be much more intense.

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