Friday, June 29, 2012

#photo a day July - here's the new challenge list!

If you love photography you really should join in Fatmumslim's challenge for a month. It's  so much fun!

And voilà  the "June harvest" out of my camera:

from left to right: drink-at six o'clock- on your plate- where you shop- hat- out and about-
yellow- sign-from a low angle- time- in your bag-best bit of your weekend-
soft -art- empty- fave photo you've ever taken- movement- from a high angle-
on your mind- bathroom- close up- morning- cute- door

By now I decided to post a mixture of old and new pictures taken at home and during my trips abroad.  However, it must be an extra challenge to snap the pictures the exact day the prompt is given .
Hmmm, yet I'm not sure if this meant  more or less fun for me, if  quality eventually improved, if creativity  got an extra boost....

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