Thursday, May 03, 2012

last series from the #photoadayApril challenge

Pictures 21 to 30:

Day 29: circle
bull's eye into a kitchen

Day 26: black and white
my secret passion is to photograph people and to capture their beauty

Day 21: bottle
to drink plenty of still water is definitely a must

Day 27: somewhere you went
to an exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden

Day 22: the last thing you bought
a pair of forest inspired ballet flats

Day 22: vegetable
chard stems, steamed and sprinkled with vinaigrette...

Day 23: something you are grateful for
right in the moment I needed  a blind for my kitchen window  I got the most beautiful  I ever imagined

Day 24: looking down
 on Frankfurt

Day 28: 1pm
my lunch on  April 28,1pm

Day 30: something that makes you sad
in memory of my beloved father

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