Thursday, November 10, 2011

The neutrals of F&B and my home

Farrow&Ball Shaded White in my guestroom

The neutrals never get boring, they are incredibly warm and beautiful. But don't think that it's an easy matter to choose the right one. You have to consider the incoming light, the electric lightening, the furniture, the height of the ceilings and even the surroundings (yes, it's quite different if you look into the green, the blue or the grey) .  The pigments mirror  the outdoor colours, so that a stunning yellow "Babouche" may turn your room into a swamp if there's a lot of green reflected.

Actually, when I'm repainting a room, I can spend days with the colour fan in my hand, being entirely sure about my choice  in one moment,  dismissing everything in the next. That's the moment I usually  ask my friend Nancy for help, who looks at the setting with a fresh view and with plenty of experience!

Farrow&Ball Matchstick in the living room

So far, only the repainting of my kitchen ended in a disaster. With the last brushstroke I knew: NOOOO WAY!!  HELP! I should have known it. 
"Matchstick, the perfect colour for the living room had turned my beautiful bright kitchen into a dirty fish tank.

At that time there didn't yet exist a stockist in Dresden and I had to wait 2 long weeks for  the remedy "White Tie"...

Farrow&Ball White Tie in my kitchen

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