Friday, February 04, 2011

Crossover Lentil Soup

My everyday cooking for lunch often develops like this: " Hm, it feels like soup today "(you may exchange the soup for vegetable, fish, polenta or salad, whatever my stomach suggests to my brain or vice versa).
Next I  look for the necessary ingredients while reminiscences of recipes start dancing in my mind. The Thai-Vinaigrette?  Or  a mixture of China spices and white wine?  Should I browse  the  "The Modern Vegetarian" for inspiration which is my favourite cookbook right now? Or should I pestle some of the exotic pinecone shaped pepper I got for Christmas?

As to the lentil soup of the picture I first cooked the lentils with greens- the traditional way. Thereafter I switched over to the intuitive part -  the seasoning and tasting with crossover-surprise-ingredients. So my recipe will be structured in a precise part and in a playful one. The measures of the second part will be only approximate!!!

Hope you'll love your own very special result!

Traditional part:

250 g            lentils
a bunch of    greens without the celery
2                   tomatoes, chopped
1                   onion, chopped
2 l                 water

Cook the lentils for about half an hour until smooth. The exact time varies depending on the sort of lentils and if you have soaked them before or not.

Intuitive part:
Add to the so far traditional lentil soup

Soy sauce                      start with 4 tbs
olive oil                        2 tbs
Balsamico Creme          4 tbs; maybe more: the lentils require a lot of acidity
ginger                           a small piece  (1-2cm), grated
white wine                    a glass; with the help of the wine I washed the ginger off the grater
China spice mixture       1 tbs, pestled
Long pepper                  4; pestled together with the China spices. Long pepper tastes very similar to
                                      normal black pepper, maybe a bit warmer. Just replace it in case you don't
                                     store  the long version...
turmeric                         a pinch of
Tabasco sauce                a few dashes
salt , pepper , more soy sauce, more balsamico vinegar...????

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  1. this looks so tasty! I will try it out this week!